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Welcome to Cambridge 2cv!

 We offer specialist attention for your Citroen ‘A’ series vehicle, covering 2cv, Dyane, Ami, Mehari or any of the 250/350/400/Acadiane vans.

Owned and run by an enthusiast, our mission is to keep the 2cv and its derivatives where they belong - on the road. We also acknowledge that not everyone is able or willing to spend a fortune on their beloved car, so we strive to keep the work we do and cars we sell affordable and flexible, without sacrificing quality. 

Whether you require a full rebuild, routine servicing, MOT checks and preparation, repair work, wish to buy/sell or even just want some friendly advice then get in contact – we’ll be happy to help.

Based in Elsworth, Cambridgeshire we are situated within easy reach of the A14, M11, A428 and A1.

What We Do


We offer a complete service for looking after all aspects of Citroen ‘A’ series maintenance and repair work. 

Passionate about the history, heritage, character and culture of the 2cv and its siblings, we treat each car as an individual with a tailored, personal service. Whether you own a well-loved daily runabout, or a beautifully original or restored showpiece, each car is given the attention and respect it deserves.

In our experience we have come across so many 2cvs that are out on the roads but running poorly, don’t start when hot, cold or wet, don’t handle or drive properly or haveother major maladies that often the owner is unaware of, or has just become accustomed to over time. We aim to put the joy back into ‘A’ series ownership and make the cars the enjoyable, distinctive driving experience they should be. 



  • Rebuilds & Restorations: part or full, we have the skills and dedication to return your little car to the road, with an honest appraisal of the vehicle and advice given on how we can tailor the work to fit your needs and budget. We can restore an entire car, refurbish a bodyshell, replace a chassis or anything in-between.

  • Servicing: The youngest 2cv is now twenty-five years old and as reliable as they are, they need proper maintenance at the correct intervals to keep them that way. We offer a full scope of serving from a quick oil and filter change to a major service and MOT preparation.

  • Repairs: Both mechanical and bodywork , we offer a complete repair solution. Need an engine rebuild? No problem. Have a rusty windscreen surround or dented wing? We can tackle all these. An interior refit? We can get to it!

  • Car sales: We often have full or part-refurbished 2cvs for sale. We specialise in good, honest cars that you can get in and drive away with confidence. All come fully checked and serviced, all repair work completed and ready to go with full MOT. We specialise in cars that are structurally solid and properly set up mechanically, and on strong, rust-free chassis, whether a Citroen original type or an aftermarket galvanised item. We aim to keep the 2cv within the market it was intended and our cars are priced to reflect this. Scroll down to see our current stock list!

  • Car rescue or rehoming: We often rescue 2cvs in need – whether languishing unloved in a garage or yard, MOT failures, accident damaged, or those generally deemed to have reached ‘the end’. We gather them in and give them love. 


About Me


My name is Will Waldron and I have over twenty five years experience of owning, driving and maintaining ‘A’ series cars. A true enthusiast of the Citroen marque in general, I have run a great variety of 2cvs and derivatives over the years and have rebuilt over a dozen in my spare time. This hobby developed into a wish to preserve and keep as many as possible on the road now that numbers are dwindling. Having honed my skills over a number of years and with a wealth of experience to draw on, Cambridge 2cv Ltd came into existence.

I am also an active member of the national 2cvGB club and International 2cv friends forum and I enjoy the social side of 2cv ownership – it is part of what makes the car so unique! As well as 2cvs we also have a  selection of other Citroen models in the family including a 1991 Mk1 AXGT, 1987 Visa GTI, 1991 BX 16 valve and a 2016 Cactus.


Contact Us

For a friendly chat about anything 2cv just get in touch

Unit 3 Castle Acres Estate, Boxorth Road, Elsworth, Cambridgeshire CB23 4JQ, UK

07920 527042

Contact Us

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2cvs For Sale

Here's our current selection of 2cvs for sale (updated Sept 2019)

 **SOLD** 1987 White 2cv6 Special

A neat and tidy, good all-round solid car, ideal as a daily driver. Replacement galvanized chassis, with an excellent bodyshell having had some restoration in the past. Good panels with no major rot in any of the usual places. Runs and drives really well. Has a black 'Matts Soft Tops' quality canvas roof. Comes fully checked over and with 12 months MOT. A well sorted, presentable 2cv ready to be used and enjoyed. 


Contact us for more information